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Tell The AI What To Write Using Commands
Tell The AI What To Write Using Commands

using AI to help you generate the content more specifically

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Use Commands in Bramework to help you:

  • Write Specific introductions or conclusions

  • Create Pros and Cons Lists

  • Write Email Copy & Templates

  • Write Listicles

  • Correct Grammar

  • Translate content into another language

  • Create an FAQ

  • Write Product Descriptions

  • Write Product Reviews

  • Write Social Media Posts

To use this feature:

Write out a command in the editor and highlight the command. Then right-click and select Command.


When writing out a command, try to be as specific as you can. The more clear and more specific your instructions are, the better the AI output will be.

For example, you can type: “Write an intro paragraph that includes a statistic about the benefits of email marketing”

Or: “Write a cold sales email to Sally, the VP of Marketing, about our email automation software and start the email with a question”

Watch our YouTube video to learn how to write commands:

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