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Keywords to include in your Blog post
Keywords to include in your Blog post

Target keywords with a high volume and with a low keyword difficulty and competition

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How to Pick the Right Keyword in Bramework?

Always filter based on a minimum amount of search volume (at least 50), a lower difficulty (less than 60), and a mid-range SERP (the number of results on search engines for your keyword).

If you have a keyword in mind or if you want to check on a keyword quickly, then the Bramework Keyword Analyzer is a great place to start.

On Brameworks’ Keyword Analyzer, you can start by having a broad keyword like: “Walt Disney World.”

The Keyword Analyzer will then give you related keywords to Walt Disney World such as:

  • Walt Disney World News

  • Masks Walt Disney World

  • Walt Disney World Resort

You’ll then look at the search volume and the difficulty. I highly recommend aiming for keywords with a search volume greater than 50 searches per month (ideally more than 500) and a keyword difficulty of less than 60 (ideally less than 50).

Pro Tip: The lower the Keyword Difficulty, the easier it is to outrank the competition organically. The difficulty is based on a range between 0 to 100.

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