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How to Add Team Members
How to Add Team Members

Step-by-step process of how to invite or add team member to your Bramework account.

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How to Invite Team Members

Important: Before inviting a new team member, make sure their email does NOT have an active Bramework account. (Free Trial or Paid Subscription)

  1. From the dashboard click on your profile image.

  2. Select team.

  3. Enter their email address.

  4. Select the level of access you would like them to have.

  5. Click send an invite.

Team Member Permissions

Note: Once a team member's permission is changed, they'll have to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Types of User Access: Owner, Manager, Editor, Viewer

When working on projects within a team, it's important to have different levels of access depending on each member's role and responsibilities. In our system, we offer four different types of user access: Owner, Manager, Editor, and Viewer.


The Owner has full access to everything within our platform. This includes all AI tools, project creation, editing, and deletion, inviting team members, and managing posts. Essentially, the Owner has complete control over all aspects of the project.


The Manager has access to all AI tools within the projects they are invited to. This includes creating, editing, and deleting projects, inviting team members, and managing posts. However, they do not have full control over the project like the Owner does.


The Editor has access to AI tools within invited projects. However, their capabilities are limited in comparison to the Owner and Manager. They can create, edit, and delete posts, but do not have the ability to create or manage projects.


The Viewer is a limited role and only has access to view post information within invited projects. They cannot edit or create anything within the project, but have full visibility of all posts and their information.

How to add team members to Bramework

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the different types of user access we offer and how they differ in their capabilities. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team through the Intercom chat feature.

Thank you for using our platform!

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