Is there a Fair Use Policy?
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Yes, we have a fair use policy for our unlimited plans.

Fair Use Policy

Our Unlimited (Keyword Research and AI Writer) Plans are subject to our Fair Use policy. This helps us continue to offer a great tool at an affordable cost to everyone.

Usually, the normal outputs generated by human team members are allowed and are covered by fair use.

Restrictions Rules

When using Bramework you agree to adhere to these restrictions inside your account.

Do not use scripts or automation tools to create a lot of content. Do not use scripts or automation tools to research keywords in our keyword analyzer tool.

If we see that you are doing this, your account will be locked temporarily.

If you keep using too many AI generated words or too many keywords, your account will be moved to a plan with fewer AI generated words or fewer keywords.

You are not allowed to have more than one person using the same email and password to create content. If you do, we will know and it will be against the rules.

Everyone who uses Bramework must be a team member. If you or a team member on your account is sharing logins, you will be removed from the accont entirely and asked to create your own account with a limited plan.


If we see that you are not following the rules for using the unlimited plan, we will first lock your account and then send your first warning.

If you continue to not follow the fair use policy, you will get a second warning and your account will be put on a plan that only lets you generate a limited amount of words each month.

If it is a team member who is not following the policy, they will be removed from the account and asked to create their own account with a limited pan.

If you continue to abuse our policies after 2 warnings, you will be banned from using Bramework. You will not receive a refund of any charges if you are banned.

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