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Change My Profile or Company Information
Change My Profile or Company Information
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My Profile

If you would like to modify your account profile information, there are several fields you can update. These include your username, first and last name, email, profession, country, state, and city.

To begin, log into your account and select "My Profile". Here, you can change the fields listed above that you would like to update. Once all of the necessary information has been entered, click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page to save your updated information.

Full Name - required

Email - required

City - optional

State - optional

Country - required

Profession - required

How to Access Your My Profile

Your My Profile contains important information about your account like your contact information, which makes it important to know how to access it easily.

To get to My Profile, follow these steps:

Click on the arrow in the top right corner and a list should drop down as shown below click on My profile.

Once you click “My Profile”, you will be taken to a new page that contains all of your account information.

You can edit all of your information displayed above here.

Finding Your Company Information

It's easy to find the Company Information section!

Name - optional

Domain or Website URL - optional

Industry - required

Here's how: To find it, simply scroll down and you'll see it located right underneath my profile.

In the "Company Information" section, you have the option to input your company name, website, and industry.

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